Privacy Policy

At TrendCN, which can be found online at, preserving the confidentiality of our site users is one of our highest priorities. Learn about the types of information TrendCN collect and how it’s used in this Privacy Policy paper, which you may access by clicking here.

Please get in touch with us if you have any more inquiries or concerns regarding the Personal Information Protection Policy that we have in place.

This Privacy Statement only applies to our online operations thus it only applies to users of our website who share or collect information about themselves. However, it does cover visitors who share or collect information about others. As long as you’re using a computer at home or work, this policy doesn’t apply to you.

The Data We Collect

When we ask you for your personal information, we will explain what information we require and why we require it.

If you want to communicate with us directly, some examples of the personal information that we might gather from you include your email address, your phone number, and any attachments that you send our way.

How We Make Use of the Information You Provide Us

Among the many ways we put the information we gather to use are these:

  • Maintain, administer, and run our website
  • Improve and expand our web presence
  • Analyze the ways in which you use our website
  • Think outside the box when it comes to new products and services
  • Send you emails
  • Anticipate and stop fraud

We shall contact with you either directly or through one of our partners in order to provide you with website updates and other information that is pertinent to the website, as well as for the purposes of marketing or promotion.


Bloggers follow a well-defined process that incorporates log files. Files like these keep track of all the actions of people who visit a website. This is typical practice for all hosting firms’ analytics reports. Log files keep track of a variety of information on visitors, including their IP addresses, ISPs, browser types, timestamps, and even the number of clicks. There’s no way to connect them to a specific individual. Our website can work smoothly and we can see where our visitors go when they use it.

Web Beacons and Cookies

Like any other website, blogs utilize “cookies.” Visitors’ preferences and the pages they’ve visited are stored in little text files called cookies. One strategy to ensure that each visitor has the best possible experience on our site is to tailor our web pages to their browser type and other information.